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What is included in the base model?

All essential components of a quality home are included in each build; from the energy efficient envelope to high grade appliances, plumbing fixtures, and well-fitted finish materials throughout. The homes’ will have low maintenance fire-rated exterior materials and finishes. Front yards will have low-water tolerant landscaping, concrete walks and driveways are all included. 


What are the upgrade options, how are they packaged?

Available upgrades, will be individually selected by the owner with the designer. The developer will have pre-selected materials of varying quality, from which owners can select options (such as color and finish) as applicable. Here are examples of  components/materials you may opt to upgrade:


  • Flooring: Hardwood, tile and carpet 

  • Countertops and full height back splashes 

  • Kitchen Appliances 

  • Lighting fixtures and control systems 


  • Exterior French Doors in place of Sliding Glass Doors 

  • Wood Deck Porch (vs Cement) high-grade decking 

  • Garage Doors with upper lites

  • Back Patio improvements with trellis 

  • Backyard Landscaping designs and installation


What kind of roofing material will be used?

Roofs are installed using Class A fire-rated Architectural grade composition roofing. Porches will have standing seam metal roofing along with gutter and leaf guard systems.


What type of Garage Doors will the homes have?

Insulated Sectional garage doors with battery backup and remote controls. Garage doors can be upgraded to include windows along the top.  (Add Lites)




Are there fire protection/safety measures included that will ease the challenge of fire insurance?

All homes will be built according to the latest standards for California fire and safety. All exteriors will be Class-A fire rated with cement-board siding, roofing, exterior tempered glass and interior fire sprinklers with fire-rated venting.


How is Solar energy being incorporated?

The standard installed solar system will be proportionate to the energy requirements to meet Title 24. There will be a minimum of 3.2 Kw per house. Owners can opt to increase solar output by adding panels and a larger inverter. Garages will be equipped with EV Car charging outlet. 


Standard Utilities: What's gas and what's electric?

  • HVAC (electric heat pump and A/C compressor)

  • Hot Water Heater (electric heat pump)

  • Kitchen Range (electric induction) * gas cooktop available as upgrade  

  • Fireplace (natural gas sealed unit)

  • Dryer Outlet (electric only - no gas) 


What is the expected timeline for home construction?

Twenty-six homes will be built over approximately two and a half (2.5) years. Phase I and II begin, with Phase III following - see map on to view the Lots in each phase.


Has the developer completed any similar projects that we could see in person or online?

With over 40 years of experience in the field of home design and construction, the designers for Gilded Springs Partners, LLC is Tobin Dougherty, Architect and team. For more information, you can view TDA portfolio and work history at




How will neighborhood traffic be managed?

Interior streets are designed to be narrow, which will inherently slow down traffic through the neighborhood. There will be a traffic-calming island just inside the entrance at Main St. At the Alta St. entrance, a sign will state “Local Traffic Only”. Neither entrance will have a gate. Additionally, the exit at Alta St. will only allow right hand turns (downhill) and signage will be posted stating “No Left Turn”.


Will there be speed bumps?

As an added traffic slowing measure there is a traffic-slowing crosswalk on Ben Taylor Crossing at the intersection with the side streets. 


Will there be street parking?

Ben Taylor Crossing will have street parking on one side only. 

Long-term street parking will not be allowed. No boat storage, RV, or trailer parking, etc…


Where will streetlights be located?

The neighborhood will have three (3) streetlights located as follows: on the corner of Lot 24, in front of Lot 11 and between Lots 3 & 4.


Where will mailboxes be located?

The first bank of 13 mailboxes + parcel boxes is located on the right side of Ben Taylor Crossing Lot 25. The second bank of 13 mailboxes + parcel boxes is located further up Ben Taylor Crossing between Lot 18 and Lot 19.




What is included in the standard Landscaping package?

Front yards will be landscaped and irrigated. The landscaping will be low-water and drought tolerant natural grasses and low-maintenance foliage. HOA will maintain the common areas, median vegetation and the stream bed along the Western side of the neighborhood. Backyards do not have planned landscaping - it is up to the owner to install landscaping within the one year of ownership. 


What can we do with the backyard space?

The lot sizes vary - many of these lots will not accommodate a pool, but most do have space for a hot tub, patio, trellis etc… Backyard landscape design can be provided as an upgrade. 

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